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The Altitude Road
25 March to 4 April 2021
Chos Malal, Neuquén
Patagonia Argentina

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The city of Chos Malal located in the north of the province of Neuquén, head of the homonymous department. Its name comes from the Mapuche language and means "yellow corral", descriptive name for the accentuated color of the type of sedimentary rock (flagstone) that predominates in the hills that surround the valley.



High-altitude lagoons


It is located 403 km. From the current capital of Neuquén, it is reached by means of national routes No. 22 to the west, to the city of Zapala, and then continue on No. 40 to the north. The town is framed in a unique natural environment that the Cordillera del Viento offers it: mountains eroded by winds and rains, fertile valleys where goats graze and countless mirrors and water courses that make up an ideal setting for practicing a wide range of activities in close contact with nature.

Links of Interest: NeuquenTur · Route 40


Location: Chos Malal, Neuquén
Date: 25 March to 4 April 2021
Distance: 500-600 Km Non Stop
Teams: Doubles, Mixed, Gentlemen, Ladies
Disciplines: Trekking, Mountain Bike, Kayak, Orientation, Ropes, Special Tests to be confirmed.

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